How to use Android phone for VOIP calls

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is capable of passing traffic voice, video and data in the form of packets over an IP network. Its own IP network is a data communications network based packet switch, so we can call by using an IP network or Internet. Calling by VoIP brings a lot of advantages, among them are clearly cheaper than traditional phone rates, because IP networks are global. So International calls cost can be reduced by 70%. In addition, maintenance costs can be pressed for separate voice and data network, so the IP Phone can be added, moved and changed. This is because VoIP can be installed in any Ethernet and IP address, unlike traditional phone that must have its own port in the Central or PBX.

The benefits of VOIPS are strongly felt at both locations which are connected by a considerable distance (inter-city, inter-island or abroad), the two sides just enough to pay for Internet access only, which usually must be cheaper than the cost of long-distance or the international calls using traditional phone. Since the media used is the Internet network so long as we connect to the internet then we can easily communicate without having to worry about the cost of communication that we do.

To use VoIP you can not directly use it without any assistance program or SIP Client software and registering to sites which provides a place for registration to get a VoIP number as identifier. for the use of software, has a lot of software that can be used to run VoIP.

The development of communication using VoIP technology has undergone a change, especially from the supporting device being used. Form of equipment used has evolved and not only in the form of interconnected computers only. For the moment the equipment that support VoIP, IP Phone and android phone which is equipped with android dialer so we call via VOIP from our android phone. IP Phone is a phone device that can be connected to the internet and without using a PC for the connection again.

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