Intel stop producing Celeron and Centrino

Intel is now producing a new product to replace the old Celeron and Centrino products. The arrival of a new family of Intel, i3, i5 and i7 chip manufacturers are making ready to stop the production of chip cards and Celeron Centrino platform.

"The arrival of the chip family 'i' is indeed to replace the previous product, Celeron and Centrino. But gradually, because there is transition. We do not want to disappoint an already purchased the old chip," said Country Manager Intel Indonesia Budi Wahyu Jati, the launch of the latest Intel at Blowfish, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/1/2010).

Although gradual, Budi sure if the chip with the code 'i' will soon be replaced until the end of 2010. In fact he was sure, the previous-generation platform will be discontinued soon.

"We will stop the production of Celeron and Centrino in mid year, so until the end of the year everything will be using this new chip," he said.

Intel Core i3 is the Intel line of processors aimed at the low end segment. In addition to friendly price, the chip technology is also not less good.

Intel Core i3 present in Indonesia in two variants namely, 540 and Core i3 i3 530 which both have been using the LGA 1156 socket with a price range of USD113 to USD133.

Meanwhile, After wara-wiri at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010, Indonesia finally accomplished also enjoy the treats of Intel's latest family of Core 2010. No half-hearted again, threw Intel 3 series processors, starting from the Core i3, i5, and i7.
"These three new family of Intel Core processor 2010 is a response to computer users in Indonesia, ranging from the casual user, to the mainstream," said Country Manager Intel Indonesia Budi Revelation Teak, on the sidelines of the launch, the Blowfish, Jakarta.

Although tailored to its needs, it does not mean ignoring Intel embedded technology. Because this hardware manufacturers still provide a benefit that is different from previous generations. One of i3, which began to be produced using the process of mass manufacturing of 32 nanometer (nm) which is the first time, and a new breakthrough.

"With high-K metal transistor second generation of Intel, the computer allows higher speeds, but still energy efficient," said Budi.

As for the Core i5 and i7, Intel has also pinned a new technology called Turbo Bost and Intel Hyper Threading Technology. Through this technology the computer does not become hot. Budi explained, Turbo Boost works when the computer has loaded, so the frequency goes up and each core was also up in turn.

"The combination of the latest chips from Intel's Core is making Windows 7 to be more efficient and more multitasking. This is of course to maximize the use of computer users, especially users of Windows 7" said Chief Officer of Microsoft Indonesia Faycal Operartion Bouchlaghem.

Interestingly, Intel seemed to understand the changing trends, especially in the areas of graphics, which is currently so adored sharp images High Defintion class. Because it is in this Core Intel processor chip called the Intel HD graphics. Thus, the 3D image display quality and HD can run maximum.

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