Motherboard maintenance tips

he computer today is no longer a need for people dispossessed but rather the basic needs that must exist in particular for all types of business. Sure there are many also who have not used the computer alias computer manuals (engine type) as a tool for typing.

Imagine in the past that have not been so familiar computer, in case of power failure, then the office staff could still work using the makeshift lighting candles because at that time kompunter still rare, compared to today, when the power goes out then all the employees that complete rest because the average in every field of endeavor has been to use computer facilities as a basic working tool, while the computer power required to form an electric current flow in case of power failure so we certainly can not do anything but waited until the electrical re-energized.

This electrical problem could affect the safety of our computer machine tools one of which is the motherboard or mainboard.

The motherboard or mainboard is very important for the smooth process of the data for all components ranging from the processor, memory, data storage media (storage), a component of Input-Output (I / O) cards (cards) stuck on this mainboard.

In order for this mainboard can be longer or durable in usage it is necessary to consider the following quick tips:

  1.     Use the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power supply voltage stavolt as a safety so that no influence on the performance of the mainboard when the voltage changes abruptly. 
  2.     Note the cleanliness of the inside of the particular CPU mainboard, mainboard do the cleaning when soiled using an air compressor or can be by using brush approximately 3 months or as needed. 
  3.     Existing air vents in the casing should not be closed so as to accelerate the exchange of free air into the room Central Processing Unit (CPU) in order to maintain the temperature in the CPU space. 
  4.     Clean slots or konetor that connects the mainboard with the other components of the dust once a month. 
  5.     When cleaning in order to always pay attention to whether or not the bolts that remains in the mainboard, if there is immediate lift from place to avoid a short circuit (shorting). 
  6.     Do not let the computer is not used / not turned on for a long period of time. Try at least 3 times used / turned in a week. 

So little tips on caring for the mainboard as well as answers to the questions asked a visitor of this blog to learn computer science.

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