Review of HP Pavilion G4-1050TU

Through Review of HP Pavilion G4-1050TU, a special performance of Sandy Bridge can be obtained at affordable prices.
From the whole range of HP notebook, the G series is intended to target the lower middle segment, reflected in a very affordable price. This can be seen from HP's latest notebook in the series G, ie G4-1050TU Pavilion. With the price of Rp 4, 8 million, this notebook is very affordable, even with no record of the Windows operating system that accompanies it.
Despite its affordable price, do not underestimate their performance. 14-inch notebook uses an Intel Sandy Bridge is the top ranks of the current Intel processors. Processors used-Intel Core i3-2310M-levels are included under the family of Sandy Bridge, but still have good performance. If you look at the test results, you can see how this notebook managed to keep score satisfactorily on our standard testing sessions.
Facilities notebook is also quite comprehensive. Standard amenities such as WiFi, Bluetooth, memory slot, DVD Writer, and webcam are available, coupled with HDMI if you want to connect this notebook to a television in the living room. In addition, HP also instill Altec Lansing speakers are able to present the strains of a loud and clear voice and a capacity of 500 GB hard drive to hold your data collection. Even if there is lacking is the absence of a USB 3.0 connection. But overall, this notebook is very adequate for standard needs.
From the design, placement of the touchpad that blends with unique armrest impressed and add aesthetic value. In addition, you will not find the indicator lights on the front as in other notebooks. On the G4-1050TU Pavilion, power and hard drive indicator light hidden shyly beneath the memory slots are located on the left side of the notebook.
If you view the material used, this notebook feels solid. Separate keyboard design with a distance of approximately 2 mm also allows us to reach the speed of standard type. But we also found shortcomings in terms of use, which is a pretty noisy fan noise at full load. This could be a problem if you often work in a quiet room.

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