The Sound problem in Computer

The computer is indeed a need for a fairly complete. The facilities can be found on a computer other than as a means to assist the work, communication, entertainment and even a very incomplete.

From the computer we can play both games online games and offline games, but it also we can watch movies or just listening to music while doing a job.

But what happens when our favorite movies, your favorite music and your favorite games are played on a computer can not make a sound, aka dumb, certainly very annoying as watching a movie without sound is impossible, play music without sound too impossible although the game could be played without sound but it would be much better if the games are played can make a sound so games played by the player feels real game.

Then the next how to resolve the issue so that those games, music and films of our choice can be played on a computer or laptop then you should consider the following steps to find out his mistake.

The first thing to check is to plug in audio cables installed between the speaker and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) installed on the sound card (audio card).
In the audio standard card there are three hole connector as the Blue and Green Line In as Speaker Out and Purple or Red as Microfon.
Pair of speaker cable in accordance with the existing color on the audio card.

The next step is to make sure that the speakers are active you are in the ON state, and could it not also solve your problem then the next step into the device manager, by right click on my computer and select properties then click on hardware-device manager or it could be a how to click Start-Control Panel, System, Hardware and then select Device Manager.

Note on the Sound, Video and Game Controllers, whether you are an exclamation point (!) Or question mark (?) If there is one sign that it has been ascertained that the sound card does not conform with the drivers installed on your operating system, perform the driver installation re- accordance with your sound card.

Keep in mind that if the sound card in your computer's sound card is on board then the driver used is the mainboard while the sound card drivers installed on your computer is a stand-alone sound card at time of purchase will usually sound cards gained a disc compact disc ( CD) in which stored the sound card drivers, use the original driver cd for installation of the driver until an exclamation mark or question mark does not appear again in device manager.

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