How to Add Album Cover For Any Audio files

It feels incomplete if you like MP3 collection when you play on a mobile gadget or on the cover of the album certainly does not have none the less. But if you want to add cover for any collection of MP3 files you can use your MP3 Creevity Cover Downloader.
Creevity Close MP3 Downloader is a free software that can scan a folder for MP3 files and process them through a simple interface to add cover for each song quickly and easily. The relevant album art acquired from several locations on the Internet, and users can store the correct artwork for the MP3 file itself.

Creevity Add Album Cover For Any Audio File Collection :

- Add cover images (album arts) to your mp3 files
- Instantly search over the internet for the right cover
- Change or remove any cover
- Add your own images as covers for your mp3 files
- Preview mp3 files while editing
- Add or modify mp3 star ratings

MP3 Cover Downloader is one of the best solution to quickly add album covers to MP3 audio files. With a friendly and intuitive interface, lets you see more than one album cover and choose the right one.

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