How to Know Bad Sector in Hard Disk

Your computer is slow? or even frequently hangs? true if it happens, there are many causes that can cause your computer to slow partly because infected by viruses, data stored in the hard disk capacity is too large for example in the form of films, photographs, but it also could be due to your hard disk already there are bad sectornya, so the data access process that occurs when the computer is in turn to crash on bad sectors so that the read or write data on hard disk media is slow because earlier plagued with bad sectors.

There are several ways to tell if your hard disk there are bad sector or not, can use the dos command CHKDSK as in our practice today or can also use a software utility such as Partision Magic, or any other.
As I have already above that this time we try to do a simple check on the hard disk to hard disk objec us know if it's really healthy or being sick (sick because of bad sectors )

Perform the following way to know the state of your hard disk.
From Windows, click Start menu - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt or you can also click the Start Menu - Run, then type CMD and Enter. The second command above to lead us to a window or windows COMMAND PROMPT.

From the Command Prompt type the command CHKDSK C: (the order may use the small or large letters the same) and then Enter, this command to find out or check the hard disk in drive C. Note the picture below.

The results of the command that has been given above, among others, as shown in the image below:

From the picture above convey the information in the form:

  •     Total Disk Space, stating the amount of the maximum capacity of the hard disk
  •     Hiden Files n (n declare certain value), stating the amount kapasaitas used by hidden files (hidden files are usually operating system files)
  •     n Folders, stating the number of folders that are in one drive
  •     n Files, declare n / number of files that are within one drive
  •     Bad Sector, stating the number of bytes that get bad sector in one drive (if 0 (zero) bytes of hard disk means you are healthy and the blade is greater than 0 (zero) then your existing hard disk Bad Sector her so beware because the presence of bad sectors possibility of data corruption can occur at any time)
  •     Available, stating the capacity of hard disk in one drive that can still be used to store data.

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