analyze the errors with sound of beep on computer and laptop

have you ever experienced the sound of "beep" "when you turn on the laptop or your computer? Generally sound "beep" will be out of your laptop or computer every time you make the boot process before it finally made it into a laptop or computer into the operating system.

But do you know basically sound "beep" was not an accident arise. The sound of beep out of the laptop or your computer is a sign of a specific problem that occurs on your laptop or computer. Analysis of sound like this is often used for a troubleshooter (problems on the computer analyzer).

The sound of "beep" to indicate that very short computer or laptop and you managed to bring all the components needed to boot up prosse a computer device. Jjika sound is heard but the device does not turn, try to check your monitor.

While the sound of "beep" can mean a short 2 times there are problems in the configuration or CMOS settings. To the sound of "beep" once-and short-term one means there is a hardware problem on your motherboard or memory. Make sure both devices have been installed properly.

The sound of "beep" once the long and short 2 times indicate a problem with the monitor or VGA card, while the sound of "beep" and the short length of 1 times 3 times means there is a problem with the keyboard.

Besides the sound of "beep" once-and short-term is also sometimes sounded 9 times if there is a problem on your device Riom BIOS while the sound of "beep" means the continuous length of the RAM you have problems. Conversely, if the sound of "beep" sounds short and continuous menandakat it can be a problem with acceptance of the voltage or power.

Therefore, in case you described sounds like that can analyze the errors that can perform anticipatory action. If it is not an expert, immediately take your laptop or computer to the nearest authorized service center.

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