Android malware 2012

Over time, Android is constantly increasing in terms of market share. Drastically increased the market share of Android did not escape the attention of cyber criminals. In 2011 the last, the real threats to the Android is starting to look. Many malicious applications that infiltrate the operating system made ​​by Google. What about 2012? In 2012 a new beginning, but the threat of malware on Android already started popping up!

One of the attacks against Android recently occurred in France. An attack of this Android.Qicsomos named deceive victims who want to find and remove the controversial application of Carrier IQ. Interestingly, Symantec security team was not able to find traces of these false applications in the Android Market. This application is spreading as spam or phishing campaign of an operator in Europe to ask the victim to download and run the application. When running the application, Carrier IQ is not obtained, but the smartphone will send an SMS to a premium number!

The threat is characterized by a certificate issued as part of the Android Open Source porject (AOSP). This allows the application to a particular device is installed on the screen without having to go through the normal licensing notice, which is the primary defense mechanism to face dangerous applications.

Previously, the Android Market there are some rogue application masquerading as popular games. The application under the name "Steven Creek Software". When you are finished installing the application in this evil, then there will be a key to be pressed to complete the installation. However, it turns out the button will take you to the internet browser and take you to a website Online Income Solution.

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