DOTA 2 will support LAN mode

Erik Johnson - head of the project DOTA 2 from Valve confirmed this. Johnson delivered the good news that has been eagerly awaited by gamers around the world, that DOTA 2 will support the mode for LAN Party! This news is certainly a relief to gamers who are more comfortable during or just have enough facilities to enjoy a competition in LAN. Valve also reported that they are currently focused on building a server that is more adequate for those who want to play DOTA 2 online. More distant targets? They would like DOTA 2, as Skyrim of Bethesda, was able to develop due to an active community, including making modifications.

Internet network is rapidly growing and developing it also has an effect on how the gaming industry. In addition to multiplayer mode phenomenon that is now often become the focus of a game, the Internet is also regarded as a safety net of the most qualified to tackle piracy. This is evident from the success of some games like Starcraft II and their systems. Unfortunately, this system comes with its own weaknesses. Gamers with a bad internet connection will not be able to play this game. Worse, they eliminate the LAN mode to compete. For those of you who had worried that the latest games from Valve - DotA 2 will carry the same system, you may smth heart.

No doubt, the opportunity to play LAN mode is of course also be good news for DotA community in Indonesia. What article? In addition to the experience of certainty DOTA 2 more leverage and is not blocked by the internet connection in Indonesia is not very stable, LAN mode also opens up vast opportunities for piracy. Without the need to connect to a particular official portal and through the verification process ala, DOTA 2 opportunities for counterfeiters to feel the game features in the maximum.

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