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Computer users, be it one's own computer, office and property belonging to others, will feel comfortable and enjoy working with the computer if the computer is no problem. Instead, the user will be disturbed when the computer hassles and used under conditions that do not fit or in case of error. Error on the computer or PC is a common problem, sometimes not even aware of. Error on the computer may occur due to damage to the hardware (disk, memory, processor and other hardware) as well as on Windows operating system that can be caused by corrupt file system, as well as attacks from malware, soyware, virus or the like.
To find out more about the condition of your computer, whether there are things that must be repaired or removed, then shobat can use the help of a software that can detect and identify issues that are on the computer. But still need to remember that not all problems can be solved directly. Consider the advice given by this program.
If viewed from the existing features, this program is similar to the default Windows task manager, the task (running applications), services, startup and system info. Only difference is the more complete this program and plus there is the classification of programs, services are dangerous or unnecessary programs and programs that are safe to remain in operation that are marked with red, yellow and green. Here we can take action to end task, disable, enable at startup directly. However, as a user, for the red color code does not have to disable or delete, we should still consider the advice given by this program. If we knew the program was not dangerous and it is important to our work, although red, still it is not disabled or deleted.
A more complete system is a feature infonya. With this program we can see a complete computer system info once. We can see information about the motherboard, BIOS, CPU, graphics card, Network adapter, Operating system, Antivirus, Memory, hard drive info (IDE / Serial ATA), Drives, COMM Port, Cache memory, TCP / IP Ports and connections, and other so on. In addition to the above features, we can also go to the registry editor, control panel, event viewer, add and remove programs on the tools menu, and there are features on the file menu export the info, print and shutdown, restart or logoff and lock computer.
Program or the application is called The Ultimate Troubleshooter. A thousand pities, this program is not paid or free. But if a friend wants to try the free trial can simply download The Ultimate Troubleshooter to his official website here:

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