EyeAsteroids - Playing Games with Eyes Only

Controller technology developments in the gaming world was remarkable. Although most of the game is still controlled by conventional physical controller, but the gaming industry continues to innovate for the future controller spawn more sophisticated. Motion-sensor device Kinect class may be the most tangible evidence of achievement. But technology is a dynamic concept that is not possible to stop to grow. Controller technology continues to grow in the direction that might not have thought of by previous gamers. Do not need a physical controller, no need to move the body. You only need your eyeballs!

This concept offered by Tobii Technologies has just released the arcade "future" them - EyeAsteroids. In contrast with other arcade machines that are played with a joystick, EyeAsteroids only requires the movement of your eyes as the main controller. The core game is simple, you are only required to destroy all the asteroids that come to threaten the Earth. No need to rush to move the hand to make sure every stone giant is destroyed. In EyeAsteroids, you only need to look any asteroid that was on the screen to do so. Wow!

Tobii Technologies itself was built 50 machines EyeAsteroids are each worth approximately U.S. $ 15,000. The main purpose of birth Arcade machine is of course not to benefit financially, but rather the exhibition of the potential ability of the controller in the future. EyeAsteroids may be the first of a series of concepts that have been prepared Tobii Technologies. They plan to bring this technology even further to produce the experience of playing video games more intense and intimate, such as presenting AI reactions are more responsive than our eyes. Amazingly, they also have shown that this concept can be applied to all the devices today's technology, from notebooks to glasses.

Tobii Technologies demonstrated attainment of the gameplay mechanism to open the way for a more varied and richer for the gaming industry in the future. He became complementary materials that will make the playing experience more interesting. However, to fully replace the role of physical controllers? Almost most gamers would agree that there is no technology that can beat the pleasure of grasping a joystick or keyboard in hand while playing a game.

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