How to Split and Join File with HJSplit

In some circumstances, we may have experienced or will experience this. Want to send files via email, but the file is too large, while there is a limitation of the volume of the file specified by the email provider. Shobat want to save a file to a cd, flash or other removable media, but the file size is too large so it is not sufficient to be stored on the cd, flash. You want to upload a file to your website or blog, but the file size too large because there is no limit file size to upload. Now these things we will see it or ever we meet in the end we failed to do what we want to do.

Now the things mentioned above do not have to happen again. By using HJSplit software that can be resolved easily. This software will split the file into multiple files with size that can shobat specify. Thus you will be able to send files to email your friends, you will be able to save the file to several flash or cd, and you will be able to upload files to the internet.

HJSplit itself is a portable software is relatively very small size is 191 kb in file. Rar. Shobat so no need to install it into the computer but can be directly run. To split the file into several smaller parts, use the command split. Then the split window will appear. Specify the file to be parsed and split the last storage location. And do not forget to specify also the amount of fragments the file you want to use a kb or mb units. After that click start. The result will have the files by using the serial number. The thing to remember is do not change the name of the file split before, let alone what it is.

To combine files, you can use the Join command. In a join command window, select the file to be merged in the input file. With the provisions of all the files to be merged must be in one folder. Which will appear on the option is just a file with sequence number 001, or the smallest sequence alone. Then specify the folder where the files to be merged will be saved. If you have click Start. Then the file has been incorporated into a single file again.

To get the software shobat HJSplit can download on the download link below:
Link Download hj-split

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