Origin EON 17-X3D notebooks with Two Graphics Card

Origin some time ago launched a notebook that can serve as a desktop replacementNotebook has a name EON 17-X3DAs part of its namethis notebook has a screen measuring 17 inches and capable of displaying images with 3D technology!

Origin is not playing called EON 17-X3D as a desktop replacement, this notebook is equipped with highly qualified specs! For the processor, this device will be equipped with the Intel X79 chipset with the second generation of Intel Hexcore. As for the other components, not much different than any other brand gaming notebook, you can customize. You can select the memory up to 32GB of 1333MHz Corsair 16GB 1866MHz Quad Channel or Quad Channel Corsair Vengeance. As for the graphics card, you can choose up to 2 pieces (SLI) NVIDIA GeForce GTX580M already over-clocked. As for the issue of storage media, you can arm the EON 17-X3D with up to 3TB hard disk!

To run the on-screen 3D technology, EON 17-X3D is equipped with a built-in 3D emitter. In addition, in the sales package, you can find two NVIDIA 3D Vision Glasses Wireless 2.

In the EON 17-X3D is also equipped with back-lit keyboard, can help you type in when darkness or just for style only.

How much should you pay for through the EON 17-X3D with the highest specs? USD3.032 enough alone. Want this notebook comes with a different color? You can choose paint colors and specific design, of an additional fee. Interested? You can visit this link to make a reservation.

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