Removing unwanted photo objects in android phone

Nothing is more fun than having pictures as we want. Usually, when we take a photograph in the crowd, we regret many things, such as those that appear in the photo but in a state of blur, the existence of some objects that are not eye-catching, and others. To eliminate some of the objects that interfere with the course takes a long time using a photo editor on the PC. But now, you could even do it on your Android smartphone.

Developer applications, Scalado, developed a brilliant application called Remove. As the name implies, this application serves to get rid of objects that are considered disruptive (including people!). This allows people to be able to take pictures in a place without having to wait for the place was deserted.

step 1: take pictures anywhere you want.

These applications take several photos at once, analyze, and combine them in order to be edited by the user. Basically, this application works like a camera app in general. Users only need to press the shutter button and the application will automatically take multiple photos at once. Then, this application will provide the images to highlight some of the objects so that users can "move it" into or out of the picture.

Step 2: This application will directly detect the existence of objects in an image, highlight it, and lets the user move objects into or out of the picture.

Until now, these applications are still in the prototype stage. However, Endagdet stated that this application works with an intuitive, although there are still some problems with the response and minor bugs that appear in its interface. The plan, this application will be showcased at Mobile World Congress later this month.

Objects that do not want anything missing from the picture!

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helicoptero teledirigidos said...

Looking very handy app for android smart phones and it could be useful for as a photo-editing application. Sometime unnecessary and unwanted objects made our pics uninterested and deletable.

Sandra said...

I am always looking out to information on photo editing and i got it here such a useful information.

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