Change windows boot screen with tune up utilities

Install the program tune up utilities into your computer, then make a boot screen design, you can also use pictures, images or foto.jika you use this softwere you no longer need to convert the image, the image or your photo into 16 color bitmap format for this softwere who will do it for you (as long as the file extension can still be recognized by this Software)

Here's how to create a boot screen using a tune-up utilities:

  •     Open the program tune-up utilities you have installed select the menu tune up styler 2 then in the select task select the menu change the Windows XP boot screen, and create or download new boot screen.
  •     Click the Add menu> boot load screen from the file, locate the file you want to use to boot screen and then click open
  •     Create a window will pop up the boot screen, here you can edit the lay out of your boot screen


Create windows boot screen, the left hand (task) is a window where you are setting your boot screen layout while the right window is the window of the setting-setting priview you are doing.

 The following description of the existing menus in the windows task.


To determine the position and size of the boot image from your screen.

There are 4 options positions:

  •     Centered: your image will appear larger by taking the position of the image centered in the middle, this position does not contain the entire contents of the image
  •     Scaled: your image will be displayed degan skalatis position and proportional
  •     Panorama: picture size larger than the scaled but still have a balanced proportion and scale.
  •     Starched: stretch the image more and more large, low-resolution images on the image will appear broken.


To determine the presence or absence of a border (frame) in your boot screen

  •     Note: activate this option if you do not want a border.
  •     Top and bottom: there lies the border above and below the boot screen image.
  •     Everywhere: border placed above, below, right and left side of the boot screen image.

Back ground:

Specify choice of background color you will use in the bootscreen,

You can also set the progress bar layout, please try your own, see your layout design results in priview window.

    Once you are satisfied with the lay out of the boot screen you click the save boot screen, the popup menu that appears you name the boot screen and click OK
    Activating the boot screen that you just created by clicking on the install boot screen which is located right under.
    Close the program tune up and restart your computer, please enjoy your new bootscreen

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