Five ways to accelerate the performance of BlackBerry

On this occasion I will feature five ways to improve the performance of the Blackberry, from the performance of application access, Internet access to the performance of which may always be done at any time by users.

BlackBerry will further slow down performance if not push memory storage capacity. There are many things that can make the internal storage memory or even a BlackBerry thinned out unnoticed by the user.

Five ways to accelerate the performance of BlackBerry

1. Use Memory Cleaner

To clean up memory on your BlackBerry, can by going to Options -> Security Options -> Advanced Security Options -> Memory Cleaning -> change the status to Enabled Disabled -> Clean Now

2. Clear the browser cache to improve performance

Cache is not cleared in the browser will further slow down the performance of the browser itself. How to clean cache on BlackBerry is quite easy, first go to Browser -> Menu -> Options -> Clear browsing data -> Select all -> Clear now

3. Close the application process is not used.

To see what processes are running on the BlackBerry, is easy enough. Simply press' alt + ESC "simultaneously. Having seen the application list, choose applications which will be closed.

4. Routinely in clearing the Event Log

In the 'Home screen' press and hold down the 'ALT' and press the letter 'L', 'G', 'L', 'G' -> Press the 'Menu' -> Select 'Clear log'

5. Always make sure the state of internal memory is sufficient, balanced, and not too much is used. That is why the presence of external memory is very important in storing the data so as not to give a heavy load of internal memory.

That's five easy ways to accelerate the performance of the BlackBerry. May be useful.

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