How To free up memory space on your BlackBerry Smartphone

Having a smartphone is critical to periodically check the memory. There is insufficient memory like when we hold a smartphone, hundreds of songs, videos, themes and games to download it always wants to maximize the enjoyment of your smartphone. But, taukah you? when our smartphone memory is too full, call logs and messages will be deleted first. Of course we do not want, the important message is lost on the last night the next day.

So to prevent this from happening, we will discuss the best and most common way to free up memory on your device. Some things are "technical", but we are confident of Gadgetan most users can do it.
First, you must have a memory card (MMC) for your device. MMC is one of the most important accessories is priceless. This gives you more room to store all that you want to download without consuming memory on your device.

Second, free memory in a way that does not remove the application you use on your device. To do this, from the BlackBerry home screen, press the Menu button, then go to Options> Advanced Options> Applications. Select the unused applications and press the Menu key, select Delete. After that, Reboot your device.

The next things we can do to free up memory by way of a fairly simple example:
Enable Content Compression: Go to Options> Security and enabled Content Compression, this will free up some space.

Removing Applications "Help": your BlackBerry you do not really need this application. Go to Options -> Applications, select Help and delete.

Remove Video Samples: Go to Options> Advanced Options> Applications. Highlight BlackBerryVideo samples, press Menu and Delete.
Clear language is not in use: you will have the option of their untukmenghapus Application Loader screen.
Delete Image: Delete unwanted images or move them to your memory card.
Clean Up Cookies and Cache Browser: Launch the mobile browser. Press the Menu key and select Options> Cache Operations. Clear History & Clear Cookies.
Giving the Device Memory Limit: Start Media Applications. Press the Menu key. Change the Device Memory Limit to 12MB.

Change Save Time for Messages: Click the Messages icon, press the Menu key and select Options> General Options> Scroll to Keep Messages and set up the shortest time.

Change Call Log Options: Click the phone icon. Press the Menu key. Select Options> Call Logging, change to no calls (none)

Limit your Themes: Everyone wants to have fun and good themes, but only limits have 1 or 2 themes on your device will save a lot of space.

In addition to the above simple way, there is a more technical nature. Attach the data cable and make sure you have the "BlackBerry Desktop" on your PC or laptop. Perform data backups, when the backup is complete, close the Desktop Manager and unplug your BB. Delete vendor.xml file from your PC are usually located in c: program FilesCommon filesresearch in motionapploader. This file is really not necessary because only notify specific operators, device and your OS.
There are certain items that can be removed to save space such as Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), Push to Talk (PTT) on some AT & T Devices, themes etc.. Decide what you do not use and we can remove it from the device. Once done, connect your device to the PC again and run the Application Loader to complete the change.
Well, hopefully these tips useful for you BlackBerry users.

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