How to make Blackberry Battery power more durable

You want to make batteries BlackBerry (BB) you are more durable? We have 10 simple tips that you can use to ensure you get the most out of battery power you need.
BlackBerry smartphones are known as one of the gadget that has a pretty impressive battery life compared to other smartphones. But if you're a heavy user who usually frequent fuel BB's, chatting, browsing and social networking status update then certainly your battery will run out before you finish the day's activities.
There are many settings you can customize to make your battery a little more durable than normal so you can maximize your BB usage throughout the day.
Here are ten tips and tricks to save and maximize the use of your BlackBerry battery. These tips work to improve battery life on devices with OS 6 and OS lower as well, although the menu may be different.

1. Use WiFi when available, and turn off WiFi when not in use

WiFi seems to be the greatest influence in the stamina battery on the newer devices like the Bold 9900/9930. The test results showed that use WiFi for browsing have the battery life is more durable than relying on a network operator. This is caused by the radio does not have to work hard. However, if you do not need to use WiFi or if you are in a place where there are no WiFi connection, make sure you turn it off so it does not undermine the function of your battery. This is to avoid your BB device continues to search the network and battery drain.
I turn on or off WiFi:
Click on the Settings Network (Network Settings) at the top of the home screen (homescreen) you, check the box to turn on and turn off the check mark to disable this function.

2. Reduce the brightness of the lamp

Standard backlight brightness when you buy a new BB is 70%. Brightness was enough to see the screen clearly and make everything seem brighter. However, the natural tendency of BB user is to see things as brightly as possible even raise the brightness to 100%. It can more quickly deplete battery life and undermined. Lowering the brightness will help your battery stamina.

Try lowering your screen brightness to 10%. This may seem a bit dark at first for some people, but believe me, once you adjust the brightness, you'll know the difference in your battery life.

To change the backlight brightness you:

Go to Options> Display> Home screen or in English, Options> Display> Screen Display. Select Backlight Brightness and change it to 10 or in English, select the Backlight Brightness and change it to 10.

 3. Change the Backlight Timeout (backlight timeout) you

Backlight Timeout is the length of time your screen where the backlight stays on even when you have finished using your BB. In most cases some people have a limit of time (1-2 minutes) after using their BB devices. Set the time to 10-20 seconds in order to better conserve your battery.

To adjust the Backlight Timeout: Go to Options> Display> Home screen or in English, Options> Display> Screen Display. Change the backlight timeout to 20 seconds or in English, select the Backlight Timeout and change it to 20 Sec.

 4. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

Bluetooth is a great feature of the BlackBerry smartphone. This technology lets you connect to devices such as headsets, computers, speakers and more. But when not in use, Bluetooth can slowly take your battery as a whole. If you are not using Bluetooth, do not forget to turn it off.

To turn off the Bluetooth function, similar to WiFi:

Click on the network settings on the screen the top of your homescreen. Bluetooth uncheck (to turn on Bluetooth, check the Bluetooth)

5. Change the network settings to 2G
Doing this can be a great aid in battery life. Set the radio network to the 2G make no attempt to find the best signal so that your BB will be more durable use of battery power.

Change your network settings to 2G: Click on the network settings on the screen of your home (as well as steps to WiFi and Bluetooth). Select Network and Connections> Mobile Network, or in English, the Network and Connection> Mobile Network. Select the 2G.
You can use 3G if you want to use for the phone or browsing faster, but if not used do not forget to set it to 2G.

6. Use the feature Auto On / Off or Bedside Mode

This is a simple feature that is not too well known to the BlackBerry Smartphone. Auto on / off is the ability to automatically turn on and off the device at any given time. This feature is useful if you know the schedule when you're not using your BB, such as the time when you sleep or exercise.
To use the Auto On / Off:
Select Options> Tools> Auto On / Off, or in English, Options> Device> Auto On / Off. Centangkan "switch" to Business Day, Weekend or both, or in English, check enabled. Choose a time of turning on and off the device (eg, 10:00 to 07:00)

7. Always lock your device or use a BlackBerry Holster Case

BB lock you can help conserve battery life because, when you save it in your pocket while walking, sometimes you will be depressed BB buttons that light up the screen without your mind. To prevent this you can use the lock button on your device. Use of any of the BlackBerry holster that contains a magnet also direkomendaskan. This glove is automatically given a command to the device to sleep when you put your BB into the holster.

8. Turn off unused Apps

Close unused applications to help battery life. Applications are constantly pulling your GPS location is really throwing your battery life. To close this application, you can use the built-in App Switcher to see what application is running on your device. You then can choose to turn off unused applications.

To close unused applications: Press and hold the Menu button to open the application switcher
Highlight and select the application you want to cover. When in the application, press the Menu button and then exit (shutdown, logout) app.

9. Change Settings App Refresh

Applications such as Twitter, Facebook and others are applications that continue to refresh the news at five times per minute. You can change the refresh time to a longer time, eg: Twitter can be set to refresh from five minutes to an hour. App has refreshed every five minutes is not the best idea if you want to save battery power, change to 1 hour or even turn it off. The same thing happened to Facebook, SocialFeed and other applications that always refreshes for a certain period.

10. Charge your device or buy a spare battery

Last but not least, prepare charger when you need to travel far. This is the easiest way to use BB all day. You can deduct your BB in the car, office, or in a cafe when you are conducting the meeting. However, when you're more likely to go during the day and hard to find a place to charge your BB will be, it would not hurt if you buy a spare battery.
Hopefully these tips useful for you BlackBerry users.

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