HTC X One with dual-core Snapdragon processor S4

One of HTC products with dual-core Snapdragon processor S4 looks very promising for the American market. Because, in a comparison of the company board telecom AT & T, of 20 more Android devices, HTC X One was ranked first with the highest score.

One HTC device X is to defeat some devices with familiar names such as Galaxy Nexus and even the Prime Transformer ASUS that has a quad core processor NVIDIA Tegra 3. Assessment is based on the rendering capabilities, javascript, convenience for users and networks.

Comparisons carried out by AT & T is inviting admiration from various quarters. AT & T reveals HTC One X in the future will use a quad-core processor Tegra 3 for the international version. In the United HTC will release One X is connected to the LTE 4G network, but still with a dual-core Snapdragon processor in some areas of North America.

The results of benchmark performance dual-core Snapdragon chipset S4 at One HTC X has made people wonder how can defeat S4 Snapdragon chip NVIDIA Tegra chip 3.

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