Windows 7 Always Get Safe Mode

Windows 7 Always Get Safe Mode is annoying because obviously you're stuck in safe mode it continuously. There can be several reasons why your computer boot and Always Go to Safe Mode. Most of the causes for the problem driver or file is corrupt. Running start up repair option from the installation disks often become a way out, but do not always succeed even can seem pointless.

And unfortunately, most users will not have the installation disk or recovery disk system. Before anything is done, let's see if windows automatically be set so that the Windows 7 Always Get Safe Mode.
Option Safe Mode In Windows 7
Windows can be configured to boot in Safe Mode. If Windows 7 stuck in Safe Mode, click the Start button and type msconfig in the search box and hit Enter. This will open the Microsoft System Configuration utility. Look under the Boot tab and make sure the box is unchecked Safe Boot.
Safe boot mode runs on:

  •     Safe boot: Minimal. Boot Windows will bring the system into Safe Mode, run the basic system services only once by default. Networking features are disabled.
  •     Safe boot: Alternate shell: Options Windows Command Prompt boot in safe mode. It also runs a basic system services only once by default. Networking features are disabled ..
  •     Safe boot - Active Directory repair: Same as the previous two safe boot, but here are running Active Directory.
  •     Safe boot - Network: Same as the previous three safe boot and additions to the networking is enabled.
  •     No GUI boot: This will not display the Windows desktop when booting.
  •     Boot log: Stores all information from the boot process in the file% SystemRoot * Ntbtlog.txt.
  •     Base video: The system will boot to the Windows desktop in minimal VGA mode. VGA drivers run in standard mode is not specific to the video hardware of the computer.
  •     Boot OS information: Displays the name of the driver during the boot process
  •     Make all boot settings permanent: When you activate the option, you can not roll back the changes that you do, when you select Normal Startup on the General tab, all options that you want to change back to be changed manually.

Windows 7 Always Go to Safe Mode and settlement
If the Boot options have been tried msconfig, but it does not solve the problem you should try other options to boot normally if Windows Always Get Safe Mode.

  1.     Try a System Restore. Click Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore, try and reset the computer back to the date on which the computer was functioning normally. You will not lose any data.
  2.     Uninstall any new programs or remove any hardware that was recently added to the computer.

If Windows stuck in Safe Mode and you happen to have a full installation disk, try to do a Windows repair:

  •     Insert the Windows installation CD in the drive, and then start the computer.
  •     Press any key when you are prompted.
  •     Choose a language, a time, a currency, and a keyboard, and then click Next.
  •     Click Repair your computer.
  •     Click the operating system you want to fix, and then click Next.
  •     6. In the System Recovery Options box, click Startup Repair
  •     Restart the PC when the process is complete.

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