Iran will shut down its Internet access in August 2012

It can be ascertained that the Iranian government will shut down its Internet access. This will result in almost all Internet users in Iran to lose access to the outside world. According to Iranian news agency, Iran's 30 million citizens could no longer connect to their accounts on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

"The closure is done by introducing so-called national intranet to the Internet for a clean," said Minister of Information and Communication Technology of Iran, Reza Taghipour. This blocking action will begin with a close popular services such as Google, Hotmail and Yahoo in the next month and will be done gradually.

The Iranian government will replace it with Iran and Iran Search Engine Mail.

The Iranian government expects in August all access to be blocked completely foreign. Instead, all the Internet Service Provider (ISP) only displays the service of Iran, based on the news that dilasir by The Next Web, Tuesday (10/05/2012).

"Internet from outside chance to promote the crime, discord, moral content that is not healthy, and teach the doctrine of atheism," said Taghipour.

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