Amazing Camera - Canon PowerShot S95 Review

How amazingly great the Canon PowerShot S95 is! Yes, if you are looking for an amazing camera, there is no doubt that the Canon PowerShot S95 is the best option you can get nowadays. How it is not! Once you shoot an object using the Canon PowerShot S95, the result for sure surprises you. That is because the Canon PowerShot S95 comes with many professional features. Nothing is better than the Canon PowerShot S95 features. Well, if you want to learn about the Canon PowerShot S95 more, you will love to read this Canon S95 review to the last word. And for now, please take a seat, because you need a few minutes to read this.

Despite the fact that the Canon S95 is the successor of the Canon S90, the Canon S95 is beyond any digital camera exists nowadays. The Canon S95 comes with 10 megapixels that lets you get the experience of a professional photographer. Plus Hybrid IS technology, the Canon S95 is able to produce sharper macro shots. The main improvement that Canon has developed and then applies to the Canon S95 is the ability of giving high definition 720p (1,280 x 720 pixel) video. And stereo sound is added to it.

Of the body of the Canon S95, there are no many differences to the Canon S90. In other words, Canon S95 comes with slim body. Compare to its predecessor, this new Canon S95 is slimmer. And it is for sure that this Canon S95 suits your pocket. It measures 99.8 x 58.4 x 29.5 mm. And it weighs 193g only. Yes, it is designed as slim as possible so that you will be able to bring it wherever you go. Don’t worry about the smoothness of the surface, it is not slippery at all on your palm. Not only slim, the Canon S95 is also a good-looking camera. Even, the camera looks elegant, wrapped in matte black.

What else to say about the Canon S95? Its LCD? Well, although the LCD is only 3 inches on the back, the LCD of the Canon S95 serves above other 3-inch cameras can do. While most 3-inch display cameras serve 230,000 dots, the Canon S95 has the ability to serve twice, 460,000 dots. What a sharp image that is!
However, the lens is only able to zoom 3.75x. But do not take it wrong, the combination of f/2.0 aperture and HS System of the Canon S95 enables you to take high quality pictures in a low light condition without any flash.

With other cameras, how long you have to wait to take another shot? 10 seconds? 15 seconds? Or longer? With the Canon S95, you only need to wait for about 2.8 seconds to take another shot. Yes, it is that fast. And still, you only have to wait for about 2.3 seconds to shoot, after you turn the Canon S95 on. Any faster than this?

So, it is for sure that the Canon PowerShot S95 is the best bet to get pictures as your eyes can get.

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